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Sugar Ray Robinson, champion of champions
Boxing05.02.2008 - A few years ago the BBC World Service ran a sports series entitled Judge and Jury, with a team of experts arguing who was the greatest performer in their field. For boxing it was a toss up between the great Muhammad Ali and the former welterweight and five times middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson.
The year 2007 was a fantastic one for British boxing
Boxing20.01.2008 - No other sport can quite match boxing for its uncertainty, its drama, and ability to survive over two thousand years of man-to-man contact and still remain an attraction in a world which is forever changing its tastes.
At the start of last year, boxing appeared to be under threat from other combat sports, but that argument has practically died a death and the boxing trade continues to defy the abolitionists and the cynics who say the sport is steadily conning itself to death. The year 2007 was a fantastic one for British boxing it has been years since we packed such a punch around the world. In fact, of the seven weight divisions between light welterweight and cruiserweight we currently hold nine major world championship belts.
Joe Lewis had an early taste of the power of Jersey. Joe Walcotts punches when his camp hired him as a sparring partner
Boxing22.12.2007 - In the entire sport of boxing in the old days there was no sadder figure than the lowly sparring partner. As they were never good enough to become a named fighter in their own right, the professional sparring partner would wander from training camp to training camp serving as a human punching bag. He would absorb a brutal beating day after day, all for a few shillings.
The launch of the event took place at Hooters
BoxingAdeje - 22.12.2007 - The newly opened restaurant Hooters hosted the launch of the World Championships in Kick Boxing and Muay Thai which took place on December 15th at the Magma Arts and Congress centre in Adeje. more...
Lets hope Ricky will be back in his favourite holiday resort soon to celebrate a famous victory
Boxing24.11.2007 - Whatever the knockers may say, boxing can still provide events that capture the publics imagination and appeal to the casual, as well as the die hard fans like myself.
When Manchesters Ricky Hatton did a demolition job on the Mexican Jos Luis Castillo in four rounds at the Thomas & Mack Arena, Las Vegas, in June, a good 10,000 British fans were in attendance to cheer him on. There may not be as many at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on December 3rd when the Hitman steps into the ring to square up to the American Floyd Mayweather, rated as the best boxer on the planet, as tickets are hard to come by, due to the fact that the clash on the two unbeaten fighters has also captured the imagination of the American public.
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