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Beauty / PART II
Making up isn’t hard to do
The pressure in the air brush system can be adjusted to apply colours for a more precise finish, it can be used close to the eye area. Stencils are used for colour application to shape brows, apply eyeliner and define the lips.

09.01.2010 - Mineral based make-up
Another revolution tak­ing place within the beauty industry is the development of mineral based make-up, which gives flawless cover­age, sun protection and the great thing is that it is also actually good for the skin! As with many things to­day it is based on a system used many years ago.  The ancient Egyptians were us­ing minerals, such as lining their eyes with khol so once again something we consid­er modern is thousands of years old.

We have all never been quite sure if wearing make up was actually good or bad for the skin but now we can be confident that there are many new systems available which are good for the skin and can even treat the skin at the same time as making us look great and feel confi­dent in ourselves.

Apparently mineral make-up is used to describe a powder formula that  con­tains mineral pigments only, it therefore does not contain the usual fillers, chemical dyes, synthetic preservatives or other ingredients com­mon to traditional make-up. 

The ingredients used in mineral make-ups are inor­ganic pigments that are usu­ally found under the head­ing ‘may also contain’!  It is very common in any of to­day’s make-up for a product to contain up to 80 per cent of a filler, for example tal­cum.  These fillers are used to stretch pigments of dyes a long way and can in many cases be derogerative for the skin. 

Benefits of mineral make-up
The most common use is in everyday make-up but it can be beneficial for people with skin problems, such as burn victims.

They provide a natural, even coverage and the col­our does not run, crease or smear and can be removed with a standard cleanser.

Non-comedogenic, it al­lows the skin to function and breathe freely without clogging the pores and caus­ing spots or blackheads.

Due to the purity of this type of product it is less likely to bring on any allergic reac­tions or sensitivities to the skin.

Again because of the na­ture of the product formula they are quite safe for acne rosacea, acne sufferers, peo­ple who have undergone laser skin treatments and surgery. These treatment cosmetics also offer an ex­tremely high sun protection factor and can be nourish­ing and rejuvenating for any skin type.

Nicola Roberts is the owner of Bellissima Hair and Beauty in Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan and San Eugenio Alto. For information or appoint­ments please call 922 867 343, 697 902 361 or 922 719 355.
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Bellissima, San Eugenio Alto.

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