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Diet Part 2
It is becoming more and more difficult to cater for people nowadays. Many people avoid certain foods for various reasons, others may be allergic to certain food types which in some cases may lead to deadly consequences. Even children are now placed on avoidance diets, for example no orange juice or Coca Cola as there is a risk of artificial colourings which may send the child into hyperactivity.

12.03.2010 - A food intolerance is a reaction triggered by eating certain foods, sometimes symptoms can be recognised as long term ill health, or vague and unchanging symptoms, for example aching joints, lethargy, sore throats, etc. A gluten intolerance is when sufferers may feel constantly lethargic and in need of a holiday. Gluten is found in many foods such as flour, sauces and pastas. With an allergy, a food activates a very specific mechanism, the sufferer's symptoms are extreme and dramatic, for example vomiting, rashes, swollen lips, breathing difficulties and in extreme cases even death. Some foods which cause allergies are shellfish, strawberries and nuts. Also becoming more common is 'food sensitivity', the causes are essentially unknown but chemical additives or pesticides may be a factor or some foods may cause some physical reaction which we don't understand. Common culprits seem to be dairy products, citrus fruits, coffee, tea, fish, sugary products and chocolate. They may cause a wide range of gastro-intestinal upsets, skin eruptions, aches and pains, bloating, mood changes and fatigue. Some people are recommended to fine tune their diet by eating fresh meat, poultry and game which should not be smoked, pickled or salted. All fresh vegetables and non-citrus fruit should be peeled or scrubbed and olive oil, sea salt, herbs and spices, buckwheat, soya and water should be used in abundance. With the given information we can say that what we are is reflected by what we eat! Some foods will protect our bodies from disease, for example soya reduces the risk of breast cancer and it has been proved that eating a substantial amount of soya can actually alter a womans menstrual cycle! Fresh fruit and green vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins C, E and betacarotene which can help to prevent cancers by mopping up reactive forms of oxygen known as free radicals. It doesn't necessarily mean that if you consume a diet of chips and Mars bars you will have a face full of spots, but it is possible to improve our general wellbeing with a balanced diet and by being sympathetic to the basic needs of our Stonehenge bodies. Summary Eat three moderate meals a day rather than one large one and remember it is the type of food not necessarily the quantity of food that matters. Choose low-fat foods, for example grilled, steamed or poached, and eat less fried (especially deep fried) foods. Use all fats and oils, spreads, margarines and butter as sparingly as possible. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and salads. Choose fresh fruit instead of puddings. Avoid crisps or savoury snacks, sweets, chocolates, ice-creams, cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks. Use wholemeal bread instead of white. Choose semi-skimmed or skimmed milk instead of pasteurised. Drink plenty of fluids like water or low calorie soft drinks. By Nicola Roberts, the owner of Bellissima Hair and Beauty in Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan and San Eugenio Alto. For information or appointments please call 922 867 343, 697 902 361 or 922 719 355.

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