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by Nicola Roberts
Skin through the ages Part I
From the onset of puberty right through to our twilight years, women have a lot to endure. We are faced with a vast array of physical aches and emotional ups and downs. From menstrual cramps and pregnancy pains to menopausal problems, life can be quite a rough ride for the average woman. Along with all of these marvellous stages of female development, come the effects on our bodies and skin so we must learn to look after ourselves both inside and out so that we feel and look as good as possible.

Tenerife - 26.03.2010 - Teens to twenties The first time we become aware of our skin is when we enter our teens and puberty has set in. The classic case scenario is when a special occasion arises (first date or disco) and so does a huge spot in the middle of the forehead or chin. Puberty plays a major role in the erratic behaviour of the skin. The increase in hormonal activity also causes an increase in oily secretions, leading to congestion blocked pores and can in turn even lead to acne. At this time skin has an optimum supply of collagen and elastin which makes it firm and smooth but unfortunately as mentioned, hormones often cause havoc with the complexion. Choosing the correct skin care products is a difficult scenario, there are so many products on the market, some which now are solely for teenagers. Many teens will turn to heavily advertised products to deal with their problems only to find that their skin will flare up in a completely different way. The skin can very often become sensitive, and this is usually a result of using harsh products which teenagers are often tempted to buy, which strip the skin of not just excess oil, but all the oil on the skins surface which is essential for protection against pollution and moisture loss. Eventually in removing this layer, the skin will produce more oil and so the vicious circle begins. Teenagers should realise that at this stage it is very important to ask for professional help and advice, and begin protecting their skin. How the skin is treated earlier on is important and the earlier we start looking after it and feeding it with the correct nutrients, the better it will serve us as we get older. Many times advice regarding the re-balancing of hormones is just as important as skin care. A visit to a reputable gynaecologist is a must whereby an assessment can be made to ensure that there are no serious internal problems which could adversely affect the hormonal balance, for example PCOs - Polycystic Ovaries, a complaint that thousands of women suffer from, usually in silence, whereby the symptoms can lead to weight gain or loss, acne and excessive facial and body hair. Clients in this age group should wash their face mornings and evenings with a gentle face wash based on plant or fruit extracts, for example Aloe Vera, followed by an astringent toner to help close pores and a light protective moisturiser to control oil secretions and protect against dirt and pollution. Once a week the client should use a gentle facial scrub followed by a purifying mask containing camphor or burdock. Another important issue for this age group (as with all age groups) is prevention; some 80 per cent of sun damage is done before the age of 18 and only appears in our late 20s and early 30s, when we begin to see the first signs of ageing skin lines around the eyes, pigmentation marks etc. Nicola Roberts is the owner of Bellissima Hair and Beauty in Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan and San Eugenio Alto. For information or appointments please call 922 867 343, 697 902 361 or 922 719 355.
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