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by Samantha Pengelly
Hair care in the sun
From my experience working on luxury cruise liners, the hot climate can take its toll on your hair. We always make sure we are taking care of our skin, but do we give our hair the same attention?

Tenerife - 07.05.2010 - The sun, sea and swimming pool can affect the condition of your hair. It is almost unavoidable to keep away from the strong ultra violet rays that prevail here in Tenerife. Just one day on the beach or by the pool without extra care for your hair can cause a lot of damage. Chlorinated water or salt water starts to destroy the hair's structure. If you have natural or chemically treated hair, both will be affected. The hair's cuticle can become rough leaving the hair dry, split, brittle or frizzy. Chemically treated hair can start to deteriorate with loss of colour, brittleness, and extreme dryness. You must use styling products with UV filters before you set out into the sun. You can also use a spray that you can apply as often as a sun cream. It will provide your hair with protection, moisture and shine. The next most important step after protecting your hair is to cleanse the hair. You must shampoo your hair each and every time you leave the beach or pool. You need to wash out all the sand, salt and chlorine to instantly hydrate and nourish your hair with the shampoo. Follow this by an intense post-sun conditioner to help replenish any damaged areas. Product enriched with vitamin E and Mexoryl SO will help to restore your hair to a healthy condition. Top tips for sun hair care: Try to wear a hat or scarf Use a Leave-in conditioner If you like to swim each day, coat your hair with conditioner before swimming Use a salon sun care spray on your hair and apply it as regularly as a sun cream Once or twice a week treat your hair with a conditioning wrap Deep cleanse your hair after visiting the beach or pool Do you suffer with rebellious frizzy hair? Start with an enriching shampoo containing in cell ceramides and rich oils. They will help to replenish, detangle, and smooth the hair. If your hair is particularly thick and heavy, always shampoo twice to help manage the frizz. Apply a conditioning mask enriched with Polymer AR to hydrate and prevent humidity. When hair is washed and towel dried, apply a smoothing cream to the hair. Make sure you rub the product well into your hands before you apply to the hair, working it into the mid-lengths and ends then on to the roots area. Blow dry your hair into your style and finish with a cool setting on your dryer. To complete a frizz free glossy look, use an anti frizz serum. Maybe your hair lacks in volume or is fine and limp! You need to be careful that you don't use products which will weigh your hair down. Wash your hair using body boosting shampoo containing Mineral CA, which is derived from calcium. It attaches to the hair's surface to create an invisible support network. Hair will appear boosted and volumised. Some people shy away from using conditioner, however hair loves to hold on to the conditioner's plumping action. You need a conditioner with nutriex and wheat proteins. This will reinforce the cuticle to retain moisture, softness and shine. Before you style your hair, use a lightweight mousse or volume spray to create glamorous volume and lasting control. Dry, weak, damaged, over processed hair needs extra attention! You need to cleanse and nourish the hair with Vitamin B6, proteins and amino acids. With this cocktail of ingredients you will replenish, smooth, hydrate and protect the hair against daily wear and tear. Apply a deep conditioning mask on the hair and comb through. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse. Once a week treat your hair to a conditioning wrap. Always use a heat protector before drying or using any heat on the hair. Finish your style with a serum to give it a healthy glossy shine.
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