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Sun protection
The sun and ageing
Although sunhats and protection creams are our best anti-ageing tools in the sunshine, some dermatologists reckon that we can protect our skin from the inside. The anti-wrinkle super-foods are apparently turnip greens, kale, red peppers, Cos lettuce, spinach, sweetcorn and more, which all contain antioxidants. If we increase the levels of anti-oxidants in our diet, theoretically we can limit sun damage and its ageing effects.

The sun and ageing

17.06.2010 - According to researchers, Lutein, the yellow pigment found in these foods as well as in broccoli, peas and watercress, is able to increase the skin's photo-protection levels, resulting in more moisturised skin and hence less wrinkles. They say you can eat enough Lutein every day to produce this effect if you tuck in to 150g of greens or a combination of these super-foods. Another way to increase your own skin's protection against the effects of the sun is to eat more foods containing beta carotine, which include sweet potatoes, carrots and mangoes.

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