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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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Beauty07.05.2009 - Telangiectasia - this is the official term used for red veins, spider veins, dermal flares, dilated capillaries, broken capillaries or broken veins. more...
Beauty01.04.2009 - It is mainly found on the face but can also be found on the back, shoulders and chest. more...
Beauty21.03.2009 - Once a sign of wealth and the fact that you didnt have to do manual work outdoors, those ivory tones are now more frequently forgotten in favour of a golden glow. more...
From the onset of puberty right through to our twilight years, women have a lot to endure.
Beauty21.07.2008 - We are faced with a vast array of physical aches and emotional ups and downs. From menstrual cramps and pregnancy pains to menopausal problems, life can be quite a rough ride for the average woman. Along with all of these marvellous stages of female development, come the effects on our bodies and skin and we must learn to look after ourselves both inside and out so that we feel and look our best. more...
BeautyLos Gigantes - 27.06.2008 - Facial fillers
Perlane allows a complete facial reshape without the need for surgery. The treatment can be used to create high cheek bones, a pronounced jaw line, fill out hollow cheeks and sculpt lips and noses.

The procedure is very simple. Perlane, a chemically produced gel, is injected into the deep layers of the skin and creates a firm volume which sculpts the face into what the individual considers a more desirable shape. The process can take as little as 15 minutes and results are immediate. more...
Beauty19.06.2008 - Electrolysis was discovered over 100 years ago by an American doctor Charles E Michel. Since then millions of men and women have benefited from this form of treatment.

Probe electrolysis is the only effective way of permanent hair removal and is recognised as so worldwide. Unwanted hair growth is a fairly common problem, especially with todays society being influenced by the attitude that a lady should be fuzz free.
Looking good, definitely feeling good, Julie
BeautyCallao Salvaje - 07.06.2008 - Julie Wood is living proof that growing old gracefully doesnt mean sitting on your rear end doing nothing.

Many of our readers will already know her through the many hours she puts in raising funds for abandoned and sick animals, but she is also a dedicated fitness fan, and a regular attendee at the Bodyzone Health and Fitness club in the Perla Gris hotel in Callao Salvaje. Julie is perhaps a hen in her prime rather than a spring chicken, and probably older than many of her fellow keep-fit enthusiasts but has more energy than most. more...
Your muscles are stimulated into action, firmed & toned up
Beauty24.05.2008 - Hands up which one of us hasnt at least thought of considering some kind of anti-ageing treatment.

OK, so we might still shy away from more drastic measures like a surgical face lift, many of us over 45s (just) must have wondered if the new alternatives do work. Nowadays you cant pick up a glossy mag without hearing about some new serum or natural discovery that once eaten or injected will leave you wrinkle-free, the skin on your face as smooth as a babys delightful rear end. To be honest though the thought of actually injecting or inserting anything into my already worn out epidermis has never appealed. But worry not, there are alternatives on the market, and one that I will seriously recommend is the Hydradermie Lift available at Zenzi, in El Camisn, Las Amricas, Tenerife. more...
Beauty23.04.2008 - Europes number one beauty treatment, the Nora Bode OXYjet, the secret of many celebrities is now here in Tenerife and has been tried and tested by Island Connections.

This no needle system is gentle, painless, effective and safe. Pulsed oxygen pressure shoots highly effective cosmetic formulations and pre-concentrated oxygen into the deepest layers of the skin where all cell regeneration takes place, significantly reducing expression lines and softening wrinkles while the oxygen energises the skin leaving it glowing and full of vitality. more...
Beauty10.04.2008 - Cosmetic products containing gold dust are quickly becoming a must-have item. Facial creams containing gold particles or flakes are noted for their anti-inflammatory properties.
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