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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

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Get into shape
Tweezing your eyebrows is the most dramatic way to change your face without make-up or surgery. It can make your eyes look larger and give your face a clean, polished look.
You should pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will disappear overnight. In shaping your eyebrows use your facial features.

Tenerife - 22.09.2010 - Step-by-step guide
  • Wash the area thoroughly so its not oily.

  • Decide what shape you want for your eyebrows. Styles change. It may help looking at a fashion magazine to see what the in look is.

  • Draw a brow line on your eyebrow with a brow pencil to serve as a guide. Follow the brows natural line by conforming to the curve of your upper eyelid.

  • Pull the skin at the outer end of the eyebrow taut against the brow bone, and use the brow bone as an additional guide.

  • Use a pair of angled eyebrow tweezers to pluck the hairs below the brow; never shape your brow by plucking above it. Pluck only one hair at a time.

  • Start plucking in the middle of the eyebrow and pluck toward the outer end; then go back to the middle and pluck toward the nose. Your brows should extend a little beyond each corner of your eye.

  • Use a cotton ball or pad soaked in pure tea tree oil or witch hazel to soothe your plucked brows.

Finally, remember that habitual plucking may make some hairs stop growing altogether, so pluck with care.

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