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A holiday that really will make a difference
Look 10 years younger
In days gone by cosmetic surgery was considered something of a luxury that only the very rich could afford, and there was also a shadowy notion that it mightn’t deliver all it promised. Tales of Harley Street cock-ups that cost thousands abounded.

14.02.2011 - Today that’s not the case, and in fact there are highly qualified cosmetic surgeons in Europe offering you the chance to look and really feel years younger at an incredibly reasonable price. And that’s not all, you can also take the time to enjoy a holiday in one of Europe’s most delightful cities while you are undergoing treatment, so when you return from your break your friends really will tell you that it has done you the world of good.

Joanna Siczek and John Stapleton, based in South West Tenerife, are organising a series of four group trips to the Prestige Clinic in Wroclaw, Poland, during May, June, July and August. They will only take seven clients at a time, and as Joanna has a Polish background, she will act as guide and interpreter for the duration of your stay. All guests will have a private apartment for two weeks, but within a complex where they can mix and socialise with the other clients, and make new friends as well as sharing their experiences.

Dr Piotr Rataj is one of Poland’s leading plastic surgeons, as well as a specialist in general and aesthetic surgery (in fact the training requirements for plastic surgeons in many European countries, such as Poland, are much stricter than in the UK). He and his wife, Aneta Madej, also a doctor, opened their own clinic in 2006 and now offer a range of corrective procedures designed to make you look and feel better and at a price that’s affordable.

For under €5,000 you could have a full face, neck and eye lift, including pre-op consultation (which will take place here in Tenerife as Dr Rataj will fly over to see the group before they travel), and daily post-op care, with taxis to and from the clinic, a two week stay in a private luxury apartment, all meals included, full nursing care during your hospitalization, a personal chef serving excellent home made meals, guided sightseeing in the beautiful Polish city of Wroclaw and a like-minded group of people to share your holiday with when and if you feel inclined. The only extra charge will be your flights to and from Wroklaw, which average at between €100 and €150 return, flying from the UK or Ireland. Consider this and then compare it with the price of surgery in the UK – a simple face lift (neck and eyes not included), with no after care and not including consultancy fees or any overnight stay will cost in the region of €8-9,000.

Meet Joanna herself and you will be signing up immediately – she is living proof of the excellence of the service, having undergone a number of procedures with Dr Rataj.

It’s the gift you have wanted to give yourself for a long time, and no-one need know, as by the time you return from your lovely two week break in Poland all the post-op bruising will be gone, leaving only the younger you to astonish friends and family. And if you want to bring your partner or a friend along too, why not. Your private apartment is included in the price, all they have to pay is their flight and food.

Contact Joanna and John now for more information – but hurry as places are limited. Phone 634 311 589 and book a ticket away to a new you.


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