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Ten pin bowling league results
Tenerife Royale Estate Agents SL

Sunday doubles league, week 33

The Rackettes (0) U Bin Framed (8)

The Rack/ems (0) Nothing but Trouble (8)

Pinseekers (6) The Hornbees (2)

A superb 223 for Carol and a fine 200 for partner Eliot (U Bin Framed). An excellent 214 for Jacquie (Nothing but Trouble).

20.01.2008 - California Bar
Monday doubles league, week 6

The Bistro (4) The Bikers (4)
Cafe Royale (2) Razzmatazz (6)
Buccaneer Bar (8) Bad Boys (0)
Fishermans Bar (8) Mojo (0)
Bar San Juan (2) Delphin (6)
Quayside Bar (2) Tenerife Royale (6)
A magnificent 230 in the last game for Pip (The Bistro) not only gave them the game, but took the overall score to make the match a 4-4 draw.  The game included five consecutive strikes.  A fine 207 for Shippy (Tenerife Royale).  An excellent 211 for Dave Dixon and a 6-7 split for partner, Bill (Buccaneer).

Saturday doubles league
Week 1

Going Dutch (8) The Argylls (0)
The Pink Tacos (2) Exiles (6)
Smart as Frogs (6) no team (0)
Los Inflamantes (0) Imperfect (8)
Trouble Shooters (6) Chocolate Star Fish (2)
3 Ds (8) Ladybirds (0)

A note from Val and Dave Simpson

To all the league bowlers, our thanks go to all of you who contributed to the collection made for Dave whilst he was in hospital.  To say we were overwhelmed is putting it mildly.  Dave is now back home, but with limited vision and restricted mobility.  He misses you all very much and is looking forward to the day when he is able to return to bowling, which may be a while.  Thanks very much to Ron, Maureen, Doreen and Jeff who have made my life easier with lifts back and forth to the hospital, without which Dave would have been very lonely.  Also thanks to Val and Barry for visiting him in hospital.
As some of you may know, Ray, too, has been in hospital in Ireland following an ice skating accident.  He went for a five day early Christmas on November 17th, but operations on the smashed elbow kept him there until 1st January, so it has been doubly traumatic.
Aside from the bowlers, my heartfelt thanks go to Mimi, my friend and translator without whom I would have been in deep trouble.  Debbie and Ray for all their help and to Ken and Sue who looked after our dog, Rusty, and to Ken and Margaret who are now dog walking four times a day.  In times of stress we really do find who are our friends.  Very best wishes.

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