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10 pin bowling league results
Tate Properties
Tuesday singles league
Week 37
Margaret Conner (4) Dave Stell (4)
Eric Rennison (2) Chris Rose (6)
Steve Carter (2) Ros Hornby (6)
Margaret Street (2) Terry Stembridge (6)

16.03.2008 - Adam Davis (2) Barry Smith (6)
Gill Morton (8) Helen Stembridge (0)
Duncan Wallace (6) Simon (0) forfeit
Ron Howling (6) Dave Simpson (2)
Charlie Conner (6) Jeff Lemm (2)
No player (0) Jacquie Gibb (6) forfeit
No player (0) Ryan Charlton (6) forfeit
No player (0) Dave Dixon (8) forfeit
Name in the paper again, Terry, with a fine 203 and 201.

Week 38
Margaret Street (8) Dave Dixon (0)
Dave Simpson (0) Charlie Conner (8) forfeit
Gill Morton (8) no player (0) forfeit
Dave Stell (6) Simon (0) forfeit
No player (0) Margaret Conner (8) forfeit
Helen Stembridge (6) Barry Smith (2)
Ros Hornby (6) Terry Stembridge (2)
Jacquie Gibb (0) no player (0) forfeit
No player (0) Jeff Lemm (8) forfeit
Ron Howling (4) Chris Rose (4)
A magnificent 235 for Charlie and a terrific 4-10 split for Gill.  Terry, remember your feet in future.

Saturday doubles league
Week 6
No team (0) Chocolate Star Fish (8) forfeit
Los Inflamantes (6) The Argylls (2)
The Pink Tacos (2) 3 Ds (6)
Going Dutch (0) Davrons (8)
Exiles (8) Ladybirds (0)
Smart as a Frog (2) Troubleshooters (6)
An excellent 214 for Exiles, Ewan, and 201 for partner, Eve.  A fine 211 for Dave Dixon (3 Ds) and 202 for Fernando (Los Inflamantes).

Week 7
Davrons (6) no team (0) forfeit
3 Ds (8) Going Dutch (0)
Los Inflamantes (6) Smart as a Frog (2)
Ladybirds (6) The Argylls (2)
Troubleshooters (2) The Pink Tacos (6)
Chocolate Star Fish (4) Exiles (4)
A fine 208 for Steve (Pink Tacos). -Ds head the league.

International league doubles
Week 3
Iglesias Raa (8) Tasquita Damian (0)
Delfin Computer (2) Mireva (6)
Video Club Dayu (8) Compostela (0)
The sixth team has finally been found.  Franck convinced his lovely wife Gimena, to form the Compostela double.  Rafa played seven consecutive strikes in his superb 221.  Jos had a fine 205.

Week 4
Iglesias Raa (2) Video Club Dayu (6)
Mireva (2) Compostela (6)
Tasquita Damian  (6) Delfin Computer (2)
All teams played in the new shirts, each in a distinctive colour. The leagues logo is embroidered on the sleeve with sponsors names shown at the back and front.  Very smart!  Tasquita Damians Slava played a fantastic 227 and averaged over 182, a great achievement as he normally bowls around 155.
For the first time the electronic foul line detectors were activated and seven fouls were committed and punished with nil pins.  Thank you to Sue Long; we appreciate the Bowling Mangers goodwill to improve the facilities in this respect.
Points have been readjusted due to the late entry of Compostela.  The couple bowled the make-up games and moved into second place.

Tenerife Royale Estate Agents SL Sunday doubles league
Week 38

Pinseekers (8) Hornbees (0)
Rackettes (0) U Bin Framed (8)
Rack Ems (6) Nothing but Trouble (2)

Week 39
U Bin Framed (8) The Rack Ems (0)
Nothing but Trouble (8) The Hornbees (0)
A superb 4-10 split for Michael (Nothing but Trouble)

California Bar Monday pub league doubles
Week 9

The Bad Boys (6) Cafe Royale (2)
Mojo (6) FCUK Em (2)
Bar San Juan (6) Corner Bar (2)
Wigan Arms (0) The Bistro (8)
Dolphins (0) Buccaneer Bar (8)
Fishermans Bar (6) Razzmatazz (2)
Blue Moon (4) Wigan Pier (4)
A superb 222 for Razzmatazzs Jacquie and she and partner, Tracey, took two points from Fishermans Bar, the first points they have dropped.  A good win for Bar San Juan (Ros and June) and Ros had two superb big splits a four, six, 10 and four, seven, ten.  A good win, too, for Mojo (Maureen and Joan) with Joan bowling a fine 180 in one game.
Belated, but it must be mentioned; manageress Sue had a fine 214 last week!

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