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10 pin bowling league results
Tuesday Singles League
Week 1
Chris Rose (2) Rhiannon Russell (6)
Dave Stell (2) Gill Morton (6)
Jeff Lemm (8) Allan Billing (0)
Dave Dixon (8) Ron Howling (0)
Avril Capper (2) Dave Simpson (6)
Jacquie Gibb (0) Duncan Wallace (8)
200 for Gill and a 1,2,8,10 split for opponent Dave Stell.

17.07.2009 - Week 2   
Sue Long (7) Dave Stell (1)
Allan Billing (2) Ron Howling (6)
Dave Dixon (4) Duncan Wallace (4)
Martin (0) Dave Simpson (8)
Chris Rose (8) No player (0) Forfeit
Gill Morton (2) Miguel Rodrguez (6)
Jacquie Gibb (6) Jeff Lemm (2)
A fine 218 for Sue, 216 and 203 for Dave Simpson and 200 for Chris.
Saturday Doubles League
Week 27
No team (0) Megabowlers (8) Forfeit
Smart as a Frog (8) No Team (0) Forfeit
Troubleshooters (2) Buccaneers (6)
A fine 216 for Buccaneer, Dave Dixon  (8)
Week 28   
No games completed   
Saturday International League Doubles
Canal Ocio Dayu
Week 20
Canal Ocio Dayu (12) Megabowl Poppets (4)
Golf Costa Adeje (16) Tasquita Damin (0)
Tasca de Tranvia (12) Delfin Computer San Isidro (4)
206 for Franck (Golf Costa Adeje) and 204 for Rafa (Canal Ocio Dayu).
Week 21
Tasca de Tranvia (12) Golf Costa Adeje (4)
Canal Ocio Dayu (16) Delfin Computer San Isidro (0)
Megabowl Poppets (16) Tasquita Damin (0)
202 for Rafa Minaya (Canal Ocio Dayu).  Ueli (Delfin Computer) is bowling although he recently had an operation on his thumb, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Sunday Doubles League
Week 28 - Final week
Market Taverners (6) Racketeers (2)
Pinseekers (8) No team (0)
Nothing But Trouble (4) Buccaneers (4)
A superb 236 for Michael (Nothing But Trouble) who has put in some excellent scores this season and deserves to bowl that elusive 250.  Opponent, Dave Stell bowled an excellent 228 (Buccaneers).  Both were clean games.
Sunday League Champions:  Dave Dixon and Dave Stell (Buccaneers)
Runners Up:  Ron Howling and Dave Simpson (Pinseekers)
Mens High Average:  Ron Howling 
Womens High Average:  Carol Vedmore
Monday Fun League
Week 9   
The Super Whites (6) Megatramps (2)
The Bears (0) Players Lounge (8)
Chicas Malas (4) Steptoe & Son (4)
Dumb & Dumber (4) No Team (0) Forfeit
Monday Pub League Doubles   
Buccaneer (8) Maurelly (0)
Tenerife Royal (2) Caf Royale (6)
A fine 204 for Dave Dixon Buccaneers.
My grateful thanks are extended to all the bowlers who texted, telephoned or sent messages to me after my recent operation, your kind wishes were greatly appreciated and lifted my spirits.
Especial thanks to Avril and Kev Capper and Barry and Val Smith, your gifts were definitely naughty but nice!  and to Dave and Val Simpson and Dave Stell for taking the time to visit me in hospital.
Im working hard at my daily physio sessions and practising with enthusiasm (if not grace!) on my crutches and hope to see you all soon at the Bowl.

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