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10 pin bowling league results
Tuesday Singles League
Week 21
Allan Billing (2) Dave Dixon (6)
Steve Carter (2) Miguel Rodríguez (6)
Jacquie Gibb (6) No Player (0) Forfeit
Ron Howling (2) Jeff Lemm (6)
No Player (0) Sue Long (8) Forfeit
A superb 233 for Miguel, 205 for Jacquie and 202 for Steve.

29.11.2009 - Week 22   
Avril Capper (6) Jacquie Gibb (2)
Miguel Rodríguez (6) Ron Howling (2)
Allan Billing (6) Martin Gronvall (2)
No Player (0) Duncan Wallace (8) Forfeit
Dave Dixon (4) No Player (4) Forfeit
No Player (0) Dave Simpson (6) Forfeit
An excellent 223 in his last game salvaged four points for Dave Dixon.  Dave Simpson had a fine 218 in his forfeit game.

Saturday doubles League   
Week 1   
King Pins (8) Megabowlers (0)
Los Inflamantes (6) Buccaneer Bar (2)
Troubleshooters (2) Monkey Foreheads (6)
209 for Stevo (Monkey Foreheads).  Shock of the week was the 8-0 victory for Natalie and Ivor (King Pins), both bowling well above their average.  Well done!

International League Doubles   
Canal Ocio Dayu   
Week 40   
Tasquita Damián (15) Golf Costa Adeje (9)
Megabowl Poppets (12) Canal Ocio Dayu (12)
Delfin Computer San Isidro (0) Tasca de Tranvia (24)
A fine 214 for Sue (Megabowl Poppets), 210 for Rafa (Canal Ocio Dayu) and 202 for Frank March (Tasquita Damián).

Week 41   
Golf Costa Adeje (24) Tasca de Tranvia (0)
Delfin Computer San Isidro (6) Canal Ocio Dayu (18)
Tasquita Damián (24) Megabowl Poppets (0)
204 bowled by Rafa (Canal Ocio Dayu), 203 for Sue (Megabowl Poppets) and 201 for Isabel (Golf Costa Adeje) well above her average.

Sunday Doubles League   
Week 18   
Him + Her (2) Nothing But Trouble (6)
Pinseekers (0) Market Taverners (8)

Week 19   
Him + Her (2) Rack ‘Ems (6)
Pinseekers (0) Buccaneers (8)
A good 211 for Steve (Him + Her), 201 and a clean game for Dave Dixon and clean game with 192 for partner, Dave Stell, (Buccaneers).

Monday Fun League   
Week 19   
The Bears (8) No team (0) Forfeit
Dumb + Dumber (6) No team (0) Forfeit
No team (0) Steptoe + Son (4) Forfeit
Superwhites (8) No team (0) Forfeit
No team (0) Megatramps (2) Forfeit

Monday Pub league   
Week 18   
Café Royale (6) Fisherman’s Bar (2)
Maurelly (0) Tenerife Royale (8)
A belated, but extremely sincere ‘Thank you’ to all the bowlers and friends who supported the Charity Fun Bowl for Music and the Deaf, and to all those businesses and friends who donated raffle prizes.
Special thanks to owner of the Megabowl, Tarek Harare, for, once again, donating the buffet, and his staff for their hard work.  A magnificent £1,400 was raised and the cheque was received with much thanks by Edwin Preston of Music and the Deaf.
Winning team (again!), The Buccaneers, captained by Jacquie and Michael.

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