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Costa Adeje
In the cross hairs
Environmentalists and neighbours in the area of Ajabo’s new shooting facility are trying to get the range closed down by the courts.

24.11.2013 - The association Friends in defence of Ajabo are pressing claims that there were irregularities in the construction and opening of the shooting range.  They allege that the facility was built before it got a building licence and that it could therefore be considered illegal, and that such a resource should only legally be built where it is apt – something they claim is not the case given the abruptness of the terrain and the difficulties in retrieving shotgun cases, pellets etc.  They claim the pellets will cause problems with lead poisoning of the ground and that the siting of the camp poses a real danger to passers-by.

They believe that the correct authorities were not approached for the appropriate permissions to open and have asked Adeje council to clarify all the ins and outs of why the range was given permission to open.

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