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Female footballer
Canarian Qatar success
Sporting exiles from the Canaries include one woman footballer who has found a way to earn a living in a most unlikely place from her beloved game.

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22.05.2014 - Gisella Brandi, from Gran Canaria, is making news as one of three Spanish girls to play for Qatari side Al Khor, although she admits that the experience is “rather strange”.  Brandi and her colleagues play their fixtures behind closed doors in the oil-rich state.  According to Gisella, it makes for a bizarre atmosphere and, although the measure is largely designed to prevent the female players from being seen by men, it also means that women cannot watch either and that curbs interest in the game.  “League rules state that we must have a minimum of six players from Qatar in the team, in order to encourage girls to take up football, but it’s rare for them to all turn up to training” admitted the Las Palmas footballer in a frank interview with the Canarias 7 paper after the league ended a couple of weeks ago.  Her team won the league and cup double last season and has finished third this year. 

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