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Anti-local bias charges
Tenerife’s manager has been at pains to set the record straight on his philosophy concerning the use of home-grown players.

Alvaro Cervera
Alvaro Cervera
© (Credit Gary Hill)

20.09.2014 - Alvaro Cervera rejected media criticism that local players, particularly those in the reserves or fringe members of the first team squad, have been forced out because of the lack of opportunities.  According to Cervera, the Canarian players who departed over the summer left for very different reasons which had nothing to do with an alleged anti-local policy.

“Ayoze Pérez wanted to move to Newcastle in England and Bruno González made it clear he did not want to stay.  Others who left have gone on out on loan but are very much part of our mid-term plans.  Don’t forget that two home-grown players have been promoted to the first team”, insisted the manager.  Cervera admitted that the signing of Uli Dávila on loan from Chelsea had been, “A mistake” but only in the sense that it means that another non-EU player, left-back Juan Carlos García from Honduras, cannot play.  “We signed García because we were getting nowhere with Chelsea on Dávila and then things suddenly changed.  I have promised Juan Carlos that I will do everything I can to make room for him in January” said Cervera.

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