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Fibre Optics - New MonopolyGadgets
Fibre Optics - New Monopoly
20.04.2012 - Given the already high prices of communications costs in Spain in comparison with other European countries, its rather worrying that the ex-monopoly, Movistar, would seem to hold the rights to 95 per cent of the new fibre optic connections in the country. Fibre optic cables allow connections to travel more securely, further and faster.
The ex-monopolies network is already in around one and half million households and that, together with their indubitable leadership over their rivals in the ownership of the cable systems, has sounded the alarm in the sector. Its true that the system currently accounts for only 1.5 per cent of the fast track connections, but Movistar is light years ahead of the game. Orange has started with a few pilot projects, but Vodafone and Jazztel are yet to begin. Back in 2008 when the FO development model was created, the Market Commission for the sector (CMT) decided to impose lax regulations to encourage investment. Three years later, fibre optic connections to Internet are still of limited access in Spain and in the hands almost exclusively of Movistar. An apparent agreement to allow access to 30 per cent of its network in return for the lax proposals, is yet to come into effect. Hence the request to the CMT for a new development model. However, given the workload there, its unlikely they will get a decision back until 2013, something the sector is unhappy with. "If you're seeing that the legislation does not work, measures should be taken as soon as possible because within a year the situation may be impossible to remedy," industry sources pointed out. The regulatory body seems to see the FO advantage as a compensation to Movistar for their loss in the ADSL market and believe the competitive balance is maintained for the moment. As a client, what it means is that the days of fast-rack cheaper, safer connections are still far on the horizon and buried in bureaucratic blindness or inability to move with the times.
Serve it, store it
06.09.2009 - Online vine fans will love it, a perfect gift for wine geeks, the ideal way to store all the information you need on your favourite grape.

A wine cork USB, small and discreet. Not for use in bottles.
06.09.2009 - All wine experts will tell you how important it is to aerate a wine before serving, but how much, and for how long do you need to let a wine breathe or stand before serving?.

According to the Philip Stein website, letting a wine breathe helps to rid it of the vapors of alco­hol, sugars, tannins and acidity that make it fer­ment, a process that could take up to two hours, however with the Wine Wand the same result can be achieved in minutes.
Chill out
06.09.2009 - Do you spend fruitless hours wondering just how cold to serve your Chardonnay or what exactly constitutes room temperature?
Ponder no more.
With this intelligent wine chiller all your temperature ques­tions are answered.  A built-in cooler and heater, the chiller knows the correct drinking temperature for no less than 33 different types of red wine, white wine and cham­pagne.
Nordic barbecue
25.08.2009 - Half the coal, twice the taste.
Cool treats
25.08.2009 - Classic ice cream machine.
Easy as pie
25.08.2009 - Pocket pie moulds.
Squeezy tomato
25.08.2009 - Retro ketchup.
Smokey tang
25.08.2009 - Barbecue frying pan.
Home wine bar
23.08.2009 - Stores opened bottles to perfection.
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