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23.05.2019 - Tired of not getting the mobile phone services you’ve been promised? Of not being able to speak to customer services in English, or not getting the help you need? Of paying out for a line you only use for part of the year? Or having to constantly chase your mobile provider?
If the answer’s yes to any of the above, then you’ll be as interested as we were to hear exactly what mobile operator Lobster has to offer – from great mobile deals that include unlimited texts and calls in Spain, to the UK and other countries, to offering every single one of their services completely
in English.
Launched in 2018, Lobster has changed the face of mobile phone offers in Spain for expats, providing a complete sim-only package with everything from start to finish conducted in English. We spoke with Tony Watts, Marketing
Director at the company, who kindly agreed to tell us all about it. Tony is originally from the UK and has lived in Spain for more than two decades.
He spent over 10 years as Product and Offer Director at Yoigo before joining Lobster, adding his extensive experience of the telecommunications
sector in Spain to the management team, which is led by Gabriel Miguez, Executive Board Director-Managing Director, previously General
Manager of Yoigo and Telefónica, and is completed by Sales Director Alfonso Rodríguez, formerly the Commercial Director at Lebara.
Tony, thanks for speaking with us. I’m going to cut straight to the chase, as this all sounds very exciting: Are your services really all in English? It seems
almost too good to be true.
Yes, they really are. The website, app, billing information, and advertising are all in English and, most importantly, every one of our Customer Contact Centre agents is a native English speaker. We created Lobster to meet the
needs of the approximately 1.5 million British expats and other English speakers residing in Spain. However, we can also handle calls and provide
documentation in Spanish if a customer prefers. You can swap to us from other mobile companies, keeping your existing Spanish number if you already
have one, or we can give customers a brand new number.
That’s very reassuring for many people here, I’m sure. Are there any other advantages of your plans that would benefit expats, in particular?
We understand that foreign residents and winter visitors want to keep in touch with their families and loved ones, as well as see them regularly or return
home to spend the summer. So, to make the first one as easy as possible, each of our tariff plans not only includes unlimited calls and texts in Spain, but also to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Portugal and Gibraltar! Also, the plans include ‘Roam Like At Home’ in the EU so you can enjoy the same services there, at no additional cost. The unlimited calls and texts can also be made from Spain to the USA, though that country
isn’t included in the roaming deal right now.
Secondly, if you’ll be away from Spain for a few months, it’s no problem at all with Lobster. You can simply park your number for free and have it available
again when you get back - for any time up to a year.
The beauties of Lobster’s approach seem to be its simplicity and how customer friendly it is. Was this a deliberate move?
Definitely. We want to provide a service that’s authentic and straightforward, based on the best of British values: reliability, fairness, consistency, decency and friendliness. One that not only meets the expat community’s specific
needs, but that’s easy, effortless, and an experience ‘just like home’. This is something which is very important to us... we want our customers to stay
because they're happy with the service, not because of nasty lock-ins or termination fees.
With Lobster there are no commitments and no lengthy contracts. In fact, there isn’t any paperwork at all. You just need a valid ID, such as a passport,
NIE, or similar, and a credit or debit card, which doesn’t even have to be Spanish.
You can sign up online at, or call our Customer Contact Centre for free on 1661. Alternatively, Lobster is available at more than 300
retail stores, including dozens in Tenerife. The majority of the retail stores are on the Mediterranean coast, but we’ll be expanding here in the Islands... basically, where the sun and the expats are, we are!
It all sounds perfect, but this kind of service must surely be expensive?
Not at all! We offer three plans, all including unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries. The only difference between them is the amount of data you get. The ‘Small’ tariff offers 2GB of data and costs €12 a month. Medium gives 7GB for €18, and Large comes with 15GB at just €24 a month. It couldn’t be simpler, and whether you just send the odd WhatsApp,
or are glued to YouTube videos all day, we have a plan for everyone. You can also change between plans any time you want to find which one is the best for you or suits you at a particular time. What's more, we’re currently running a ‘try us and see’ promotion where you get your first month’s plan completely free, with no commitments, so you can try our service and see if you like it.
We think you will!
Well, offers don’t come much better than that. And can you tell us a little about the company please? Its name is certainly distinctive and memorable. Where did the inspiration for it come from?
We have our head office in Madrid, and we’re a registered brand of Zinnia Telecommunications, a Spanish company that’s part of the Gibtelecom
Group, the leading telecommunications company in Gibraltar: Basically, the BT of that area. We run on the Telefonica/Movistar network so have full national coverage across Spain, including here in the Canary Islands. We give you super fast data up to 4G and have great international coverage too. It took almost two years and an investment of over €4M to ready Lobster for the launch, as we wanted to make sure everything was just right.
And we chose the name Lobster as it brings to mind the good life – Spain’s great food and endless days of sunshine, what more could anyone want?
We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! It sounds fantastic and many customers are already expressing their satisfaction on the company’s
Facebook page, such as Tony Marshall, who says “Great telephone
support, fantastic website and excellent value call packages!”, and Maria Nuria García-Alizadeh, who wrote “Excellent service and brilliant bundle packages. Good app to keep you up to date on usage too.” But Keith Beardsmore has probably summed it up the best so far, with “Good service,
good price, well worth having”!
The smallest hotel in the world is worth a good photo
Ad promotion06.02.2019 - On February 20 we're going to El Hierro! Everyone knows where the island is, but only a few have visited it. Digasports offers readers the opportunity to explore the smallest island in the province of Tenerife.
We will meet at 7.15am at the Naviera Armas counter at the Los Cristianos port. Travellers also have the opportunity to take advantage of a transfer from Puerto de Santiago to Los Cristianos. At the moment we do not offer transfers from the north. The Digasports staff will welcome the readers and hand over their boarding passes. The ferry leaves at 7.45am.
Dolphins and harbour porpoises can often be observed on the crossing, and those who want to enjoy the fresh morning breeze on the upper deck should not forget to dress warmly. You'll need a good windproof jacket as the cool wind can be quite chilling. The crossing takes about two hours and the ferry will arrive at Estaca in the harbour below Valverde, the capital of El Hierro. The bus will make its way up the zig-zagging roads to Valverde, stopping at Mirador Isora. The spectacular panorama of the steep cliffs and La Playa valley will more than compensate for the effort of the ascent. We will continue over the ridge towards the north to the next viewpoint at Jinama, where we will stop again. The short drive to Jinama is a tough one, the road runs over the ridge and this is one of the few places in the world where a traveller can see the coast and the sea on both sides. From El Golfo we will continue to the local economic centre La Frontera and Las Puntas. The smallest hotel in the world is said to be located here. There is a dispute about that, but it only has four rooms. At the restaurant La Pasada, a tempting buffet to satisfy the palate and different tapas will be served. On the way back to the harbour, we will invite you to take a break at another vantage point, the Mirador de La Peña. Here everyone who fancies a sweet treat can try a Quesadilla in the bakery. This dessert made of cream cheese and many other secret ingredients is one of the island's most successful exports. In the harbour the Naviera Armas ferry will be waiting for us, and it will be time to bid farewell to El Hierro and head back to Tenerife. At 8pm we will dock in Los Cristianos, richer for the experience of having visited this small but beautiful island.
The excursion price of €99 includes the ferry crossing, the bus journey, food and beverages. A bus transfer is available from Puerto de Santiago to the port and back in the evening. Reservations can be made by phone, internet or directly at the Digasports office at Park Club Europe in Playa de las Américas. Customers can pay by credit card at Digasports or in cash at the ferry counter. For a firm reservation, your full name and NIE number must be given.
If you can't make it on February 20, the tour will be repeated on March 6.

Organiser: Damasports, NIF: B76637651
Tel: 677 48 99 46
Price per person: €99
Reservations: or by phone on 677 48 99 46.
Payment by credit card at Digasports or cash before departure

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