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   Product news, company profiles

Introducing the OrangeBus
Orange Badge, the specialist mobility company established for twelve years in the south of Tenerife, are proud to introduce the OrangeBus.

Gone are the days when a disabled person had to rely on the wheelchair service supplied on arrival at Tenerife’s Reina Sofia Airport, only to find that this service extended only as far as the baggage reclaim area, where you would somehow have to find your baggage, haul it off the belt and get yourself out of the airport and to your accommodation.

The specially adapted executive buses comply fully with the latest EC regulations
The specially adapted executive buses comply fully with the latest EC regulations

24.11.2007 - OrangeBus is a unique serv­ice, in fact it is the first and only British-run transport com­pany in the south of Tenerife, employing fully qualified and insured British coach drivers who each wear a uniform. Orange Badge complies fully with the laws of Tenerife, so you can be confident that you are travelling in safe hands. The specially adapted execu­tive buses which comply fully with the latest EC regulations are brand new, fully air condi­tioned with reclining leather seats and tinted windows and have easy access through a stepped side door or a ramped access at the rear. Each bus caters for a maximum of 13 passengers or four electric scooters or wheelchairs plus the driver, and seats can be re­moved or relocated as required in a number of configurations to cater for baggage, special equipment, wheelchairs and of course, your comfort.

This service is not only offered to disabled, elderly or infirm people, but also to families, mid-sized groups or societies (for example golfing societies, windsurfers, divers etc), couples or even single people or VIPs who want to be pampered. Orange Badge have two stands inside the baggage collection halls at the airport, and if required, their staff can meet you at passport control, supply you with a wheelchair, help you to collect your baggage or find lost baggage, take you to your OrangeBus for transport directly to your accommodation and give you a 24-hour emergency number. On your return journey to the airport, staff will help you off the minibus and find the correct check-in desk for you. To take advantage of all this, you will need to book in advance.  The OrangeBus is not only for airport transfers – mobility-friendly excursions around the island, trips and a VIP service are available, and again these are not restricted to disabled people, they are for everyone.

Orange Badge can also supply and deliver mobility equipment for your stay in Tenerife – they have a wide range of wheelchairs, scooters, commodes, electric chairs and much more. They work closely with respected travel agencies, have contacts with British nurses, doctors and carers and are known for their trustworthiness, reliability and the fact that they work to British standards.

For more information about the OrangeBus and how to book, go to, and for mobility hire Orange Badge and OrangeBus form the total solution for the disabled, enabling you to live life to the full and really enjoy your stay!

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The specially adapted executive buses comply fully with the latest EC regulations 
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