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Original ideas on your doorstep
Italian artist Silvana has lived on the island of Tenerife for 19 years, and for many of those years has delighted the public and critics with her work.

Discover Silvanas world of colour at Arthe Misia
Discover Silvanas world of colour at Arthe Misia

22.12.2007 - A painter, she has spe­cialised in frescos using an­tique techniques learnt dur­ing her training in the Italian Academy of Art.  However she has also worked exten­sively with oils and acrylics and to great acclaim as the visitors to her many exhibi­tions have attested.  As her collection grew and her love of painting saw her limited storage and studio space fill up, Silvana realised that she needed a larger outlet for her works, and took the decision to open a studio/shop from where she could work and display her work publicly on a full time basis. 

It was also the perfect forum from which to sell her paintings and wel­come existing and new clients. Thus Arthe Misia was created in Playa Paraso. At Arthe Misia visitors will find a selec­tion of Silvanas works as well as those of other artists, who were delighted to be allocat­ed commercial space in her shop.  And as time went on and the demand for a selection of different crafts and items grew, Silvana expanded the variety on offer, and today offers a whole range of quality goods, including ceramics, antiques, unique acces­sories and decorative pieces from a host of different geographical and cultural backgrounds. Price-wise too Silvana caters for all markets.  

A visit to Arthe Misia is a joy in itself, and there is never any pressure to buy, as Silvana likes to let her clients take their time and explore the different objets darte and curios on offer. Perfect for that something spe­cial for a friend, family member or yourself, call into Arthe Misia in Playa Paraso and discover the colourful world of Silvana.

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Discover Silvanas world of colour at Arthe Misia 
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