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A cut above the rest
In 1980 Ingrid Mauer opened her first hair salon in Düsseldorf, Germany, where she regularly took part in national hair dressing competitions. In 1997, she and her family moved to Tenerife and Ingrid took over the Hairstudio 2000plus, that had been open for 12 years already. This year Ingrid and her team celebrate 10 success­ful years on the island.

Brigida and Ingrid and outside the salon
Brigida and Ingrid and outside the salon

Los Cristianos - 22.12.2007 - The German hair salon is very popular with inter­national clients. Not only Germans, but also Britons and Scandinavians value Ingrid’s work and expertise. Due to her motto “quality you can see” Ingrid and her team have a lot of regular clients. In the Hairstudio 2000plus only top quality products are used.  Many of them are imported di­rectly from Germany and Switzerland to ensure good quality. “This is es­pecially important when dying or for home perms. Spanish products are often too aggressive for middle European hair.”

There are a range of special offers for the anniversary – for example a complete package for highlights including a modern, easy-to-style hair cut, a special hair shampoo (depending on your hair type), a nutritive hair cure (jojoba), styling mousse, hair spray (or wax or gel) and eyebrow plucking for only 46.50 euros. This is only one of five special offer packages at a special anniversary price.

Ingrid and her team only work with modern standards and techniques when it comes to cutting, dying and highlighting. To be up-to-date, Ingrid attends seminars in Germany twice a year. And there’s a special treat for every customer  - you get a free glass of champagne when you visit the Hairstudio 2000plus. All staff speak English and Spanish. The salon is in the Edif. Las Fuentes above the C.C. San Telmo in Los Cristianos. You can also check out their website on  www.haarstudio2000plus.com.

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Brigida and Ingrid and outside the salon 
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