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Death and taxes
We’re all familiar with the rather sardonic proverb that says “nothing is certain but death and taxes”, thought to be first coined by Daniel Defoe or Benjamin Franklin.

Yet, despite the inevitable nature of both death and taxes, many of us prefer to ignore the subjects, to the cost of ourselves and our families.

San Eugenio - 22.12.2007 - Neither death nor taxes are subjects many of us like to dwell on, but when one has property here in the Canaries or back in the UK, it’s certainly worth being both informed and prepared.

Local law Firm, De Cotta McKenna y Santafé, with its head office on the Costa Adeje, is offering all Island Connections’ readers a free Wills Information Pack.  The pack includes background on wills for property owners here on the Island, as well as customers with assets in the UK and in other countries.

In addition, you will receive guidelines of what to consider when preparing a will, the process and an indication of costs. Drawing up a will demands a relatively small investment when one considers the potentially huge savings it can deliver in terms of inheritance tax.

De Cotta McKenna y Santafé’s useful Wills Pack also includes information on issues as varied as UK vs. Spanish wills, trusts, executors and establishing tax domicile.  For example, Spanish law differs greatly from UK law when it comes to death and taxes so a professionally prepared Will can protect your loved one’s interest or share in your estate and assets – especially here in Spain where Trusts are not recognised.  For your free Wills Information Pack, please contact De Cotta McKenna y Santafé:

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