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Celebrate in style
Pearl of an anniversary idea!
It’s once again time for pearl fans to take advantage of the incredible half-price anniversary special discount day at Tenerife Pearl.

19.11.2013 -

To celebrate the company’s 17th anniversary, over one weekend each of the stores will open their doors for one day only – selling every item with an incredible 50 per cent off.

Lovers of quality pearl jewellery are certainly in for a treat from the company that offers the most complete and careful selection of cultured pearls, in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colours. 

From the Japanese Akoya pearl, considered the most lustrous in the world, to the mesmerizing colours of the dark Tahitian pearls; the impressive Australian pearl with diameters ranging up to 21mm; and the pastel-coloured Freshwater pearls, there is an endless range on offer.

And for the perfect mounting, Tenerife Pearl’s jewellery styles cover both classic and timeless models to the latest and most innovative trends – always a good investment at any time, but at half price it’s a dream come true.

For those in the know, the value of a pearl is measured by five different factors. 

Size is important, and larger pearls are obviously more precious due to their rarity.  Also, the shape as this can be surprisingly different: they can be spherical, symmetrical or baroque.  Very few pearls are round; they will be near-round, button-round, semi-baroque, baroque, coin, circle or drop pearls.

The colour is broken down into three aspects: the overall body colour; the overtone (one or more translucent colours); and the orient (rainbow colours shimmering on the pearl’s surface).  All pearls display body colour but not every pearl possesses overtone or orient.  And, finally, surface quality and the most important aspect, lustre: the ‘inner glow’ of the pearl.

But no need to feel overwhelmed; you can enjoy Tenerife Pearl’s expert advice at any time – they will help you find exactly the pearls you want.  Now, there’s even more reason to take advantage of the incredible 50 per cent discount, so don't miss this chance to purchase some beautiful and timeless accessories at very attractive prices: at the Armeñime Centre (at Ctra. General del Sur, 12. Adeje, open 9am – 8pm) on November 30 or on December 1 at their shops in Candelaria (C/ Obispo Perez Cáceres, 10am – 8pm) and Puerto de la Cruz (C/ Quintana, 20, 9am - 9.45pm).  See:  

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