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Ana Lozano Pilates
A course in life
Health and fitness professionals recently had the opportunity to attend a Pilates course with world renowned teacher Elizabeth Larkham.

Elizabeth Larkam demonstrating one of the moves
Elizabeth Larkam demonstrating one of the moves

06.12.2013 - Invited to Tenerife by Pilates Centre owners, Ana Lozano and Yanina Lalorenzo, Ms Larkham spent two days with the lucky students covering techniques as diverse as Pilates for golfers, pre-natal applications, working with clients with hip replacements and rehabilitation for lumbar hernias.

We were invited to meet Elizabeth during the course and what a pleasure it was. Softly spoken with a gentle and calming manner, Elizabeth’s presence belies her stature within the world of fitness.  Originally a dancer, she dedicated herself to the study of Pilates because her younger sister, Daphne, who was born with chromosomal abnormalities that affect her speech and motor control.  Greatly affected by seeing the struggle her sister has with daily life, Elizabeth decided she would like to help others with physical difficulties.

With practice, Pilates can help improve muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination, circulation and balance, putting special emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and the strengthening of the deep torso and abdominal muscles that support the spine.  The system is suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and can be particularly useful to aid rehabilitation after injury or surgery and to help deal with various chronic conditions.

Elizabeth, who is based in San Francisco, has decades of experience in the field, yet still attributes many of her greatest life lessons to her sister.  Through her Elizabeth has learnt that, “the body does not define the person”, and that there are countless effective ways of communication in addition to speech.  And, the most difficult lesson of all, “that it isn’t possible to heal another person”.  We can help, support and give them the tools, but at the end of the day each individual has to take responsibility for their own mental and physical health.

Nevertheless, responsible and caring teachers can make all the difference and Elizabeth was delighted to meet the many enthusiastic attendees on the course.  She also thoroughly enjoyed her visit to Tenerife and has not ruled out returning.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Pilates see: www.analozanopilates.com for more information; email:

info@analozanopilates.com; call: 674 27 26 06 / 922 08 82 37 or visit the centre at: Calle Los Arenales 24, Golf de Las Américas, Los Cristianos.

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Elizabeth Larkam demonstrating one of the moves 
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