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The benefits of operating with a Limited Liability Society S.L.
The choice of operating with this type of organisation benefits the business person in two fundamental ways which are of most relevance at the time of starting whatever kind of business project:

13.05.2014 - Taxwise and therefore from the savings point of view:  Even with relatively high tax rates (between 15 and 30 per cent) an S.L. allows you to deduct many more expenses, such as the wages of the partners, which considerably reduce the reported profit and result in lower taxation.  Another favourable point in this area is the absence of retentions (normally around 21 per cent) which decrease the liquidity of the cash-flow for professionals at the time of issuing invoices and receiving payments.

Legally: an S.L. protects the estate of the entrepreneur as it sets a barrier between the economic responsibilities that the society must assume and the assets of the partners, which are more at risk when the business is in the name of individual people.

For more information on S.L., the benefits to your company and how to go about setting it up, contact Vic2.


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