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Swiss Shop 4 U
Cutting edge of time!
Swiss technology, precision and design have been famous in the world of watches and clocks for many centuries since the Huguenot refugees brought the manufacture of portable timepieces to Geneva in the second half of the 16th century.

13.08.2014 - At that time, Geneva, the city of Calvin, was a veritable boom town.  One of the main driving forces behind the city’s economic prosperity was the city’s goldsmiths, but under Calvinism any display of wealth was frowned upon.  Jewellery was banned which forced these craftsmen to find new outlets for their creative talents – and so they discovered watchmaking. 

Worldwide, wristwatches go back to the 16th century.  Robert Dudley gifted an ‘arm watch’ to Elizabeth I of England in 1571.  In the beginning wrist watches were almost exclusively for women, men used pocket watches.  The First World War and the need for precision timing and synchronised attacks spread the use of wristwatches from the officer class, who had used them in Anglo-Burma and Boer wars, to the soldiers in the trenches.  By the end of the war, wristwatches for men were the norm.

The first electronic quartz wristwatch was made in Neuchâtel, the mass production of quartz wristwatches took off with the Swatch group of companies and Switzerland continues to be a leader in the production of quality time pieces, from the multicoloured Swatch and the extraordinarily popular quality Hanowa and Victorinox collections to top of the range collectors’ timepieces.

Here in the Canaries, the best, latest designs and most affordable of the watchmakers’ art has been brought to the Islands by Swiss Shop 4 U which specialises in the sale of famous Swiss brands.  However they didn’t stop at just watches:  They carry a huge stock of classic Swiss products (including a selection of the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife which is a standard tool for NASA astronauts).  If you are looking for a quality gift for a special person in your life or simply to treat yourself you will find something here to suit all purses, as well as one of the widest choices of top Swiss brands outside Switzerland.

See the advertisement for Swiss Shop 4 U on page 12 or their web page at for more details and your nearest store.

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