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Dr Chanut
Stress makes your teeth suffer
In times of job insecurity and crisis-related losses, it’s not only your wallet and the stability of many families that suffers, but the stress and nerves can also have direct effects on physical health.

13.08.2014 -
Heart disease, immune system disorders and even diabetes can be the result.  "Studies in the United States even establish a direct link between stress and dental health.  For example, stress can lead to abuse of alcohol and cigarettes (both have very negative effects on dental health).  About 56 percent of people who reported being stressed, have admitted that they neglect their daily dental care in times of crisis," said dental specialist Dr. Chanut.
Particularly tough moments result in an increase of certain hormones which can lead to periodontal disease.  "I recommend my patients a balanced diet, exercise for stability and stress reduction and adequate sleep.  Regular checkups and your routine daily oral hygiene are also important.  Problems are detected early and can be treated.  In the long run, anticipation even reduces a patient’s dental care costs over the years," advises the dental expert.  If you wait too long, you often have to dig deeper into your pockets than those who don’t let their mouth regularly ‘wait’.

Even (or perhaps especially) in difficult moments, the best prescription is preventative care and to treat yourself to a relaxing break.  The result will benefit you from tip to toe, in almost the truest sense of the phrase!

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