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Efficient service
True to our company policy to support the businesses which advertise with us, a member of staff recently bought a sofa from Conforama and was very impressed with the service.

16.08.2014 - The delivery charges, even over to the other side of the island, were minimal and a day duly set for the arrival of the new piece of furniture.  On the morning of that day day, a phone call at 8.30am alerted her to tell her that they would be there at about 10.30am – a nice touch to avoid anxious and wasted hours waiting – and they did indeed arrive five minutes before the time they had set.

The sofa arrived flat—packed, which was a bit of a surprise, but not to worry: In about 20 minutes the young men had the sofa unpacked, their tool box out of the van, the whole thing set up, the sofa-bed mechanism explained and the packaging collected and stored back in their van with an assurance that it would be going to a recycling plant.

Amazing – German efficiency at it’s very best!

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