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Doctor Chanut
The aesthetics of a beautiful smile
Beautiful teeth and thus a beautiful smile are important for doctors and patients.

17.09.2014 - To obtain or restore a radiant smile is the dentist’s daily challenge.  Aesthetic dentistry has taken on an increasingly greater role in the dental field and thus the initial interview with the patient to explain the various methods and possibilities is especially important.  This is the only way to ensure that the doctor and patient find the best solution together.

The aesthetics of a smile depends on the completeness of the teeth and how straight they are, but also on healthy gums.  The particular treatment necessary to obtain an optimal result will be determined after a thorough investigation.  There are many different possibilities, for example:  Bleaching the teeth to lighten the colour of the tooth and thereby make the smile radiant; Bevelling the teeth, wherein the outer surface is coated with a very thin ceramic layer; Malocclusions (overbites and underbites) can be corrected with the help of orthodontics; Aesthetic restoration includes fillings and repairs with ceramic or other modern materials and deals with tooth decay and broken teeth; Surgical procedures are required to prevent the loss of bone and gums, or to compensate for that loss.

Our recommendation - always look for a personal consultation to find an individual solution to give you that beautiful, natural smile.

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