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Good Smoke for health
Ok, so every smoker knows that the ideal scenario is to give up the evil weed entirely, but for those who aren’t ready yet, electronic cigarettes are an attractive alternative.

24.09.2014 - The devices deliver dosages of nicotine, via vapour, straight to the lungs and are held like a cigarette, fulfilling the need to keep the hands occupied and providing a similar ‘hit’.  But they don’t contain the plethora of other damaging chemicals that come with conventional cigarettes, nor is there the accompanying obnoxious smell and antisocial effect. 

Whether starting out or looking for quality vaping products, the Good Smoke shops are the place to go, and we had the chance to speak to Ivaldo Marceca, the man who has developed this chain into a household name in the Canary Islands.


IC: When and where did you open your first shop and how many are there now?

IV: The first was in San Eugenio, south Tenerife, in September 2012 and there are now 24 shops and four distribution points across the archipelago.  We are growing all the time, our shop in CC Iceland has just moved to Parque Santiago 3, number 86.

IC: What do you think has made the brand so popular?

IV: I decided from the word go that I only wanted to sell quality products.  As always, the market is flooded with inferior merchandise: battery systems that range between ineffective to downright dangerous, and cheap e-liquids containing heaven only knows what.  When you are investing in an electronic cigarette and liquids, it is vital to ensure you get the best products you can. 

IC: Where do yours come from?

IV: We import from the United States, Italy and the UK and use only big-name brands such as TJuice and Johnson Creek.  We are so confident that we even give a six month guarantee on all our batteries – you can change them in any shop and if you live abroad we can even organise it by post.

IC: Do you have a wide range of products?

IV: Yes.  For example, we sell 20 different atomisers, 15 kits, various accessories, and a vast array of liquids – from Marlboro flavour through Raspberry and Minty Toffee, to Caramel Cream!  We also insist on giving the best customer service: the staff speak English as well as other languages, you can try products before you buy them, and you will be served quickly – and with a smile!


Luckily, you don’t have to look far to find these shops: visit for more information.  You can even buy online.


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