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Interview with Miguel Ángel Méndez
In the upcoming elections, the Coalición Canaria’s candidate for mayorship of Arona is Miguel Ángel Méndez.

Miguel Ángel Méndez has been fully active during the hottest phase of the election campaign
Miguel Ángel Méndez has been fully active during the hottest phase of the election campaign

22.05.2015 - If he wins, he intends to help the people – from the very youngest to the most mature members of the community - in areas such as employment, education, sports and tourism.  Ángel Méndez has a commanding presence and portrays enthusiasm, renewed strength and a firm commitment to Arona.

We asked Miguel Ángel about his background.  He told us he came to live in Arona at the age of 11.  He was originally an English teacher in Los Cristianos and Buzanada, and later he became the headmaster of a school in Cabo Blanco, before entering into politics. 


You have been Arona’s councillor for culture for some time. What motivates you?

“My commitment is to Arona.  This is the feeling that has guided me over the years as councillor for culture, and is what motivated me to accept, with a great sense of responsibility and excitement, being the Coalición Canaria candidate for the position of mayor of Arona in the elections.  I have worked hard, and in the best way I knew, to ensure that everyone could feel proud of the cultural and educational possibilities that we have in our borough.  And I know that I have done this work with a deep rooted vocation for public service, which is the same as that which accompanied me during over 25 years as a teacher.”


 What do you intend to bring to Arona?

“I will bring my motivation for hard work, and my ideas to ensure that Arona continues to be an example on the island, in the Canaries and at national level.  I have an ambitious but also totally realistic programme, in which the main priority is people, and improving their quality of life.  For this we will maintain and strengthen our social policies.  We also want to make Arona more prosperous, with growth in employment, which would be produced by our plans to refurbish tourist accommodation and municipal infrastructures.  We have a diverse population consisting of thousands of local people from Arona, and many more of distinct nationalities with different cultures, languages and religions who also live and work here, and their numbers are increasing every day.”

Miguel Ángel also spoke about the fact that Arona’s beaches have lost all their prestigious Blue Flags, which are awarded to quality beaches.  He said, “We need to bring Arona back on track.  This includes one other important area: the development of the El Mojón zone which has been all but halted.  We want to revive those plans, together with the intended leisure and sports centre.”


What would you do to improve education?

“We want to improve education for young people who have had no professional training, with specialist courses, for example in languages.  I feel they should at least be able to speak English.  We also want to introduce apprenticeships and subsidies.  We want to create a new secondary school in Guaza, and a special needs education centre, for which we already have the land, but they’re both awaiting Canarian government decisions.”


What other plans do you have?

“The farmers’ market in Valle San Lorenzo will be opening soon.  We want to help solve the fishermens’ problems of their inadequate premises in Los Cristianos.  Also, with the number of foreigners living in Arona – we have around 120 nationalities – we want to create a multicultural co-existence centre as a meeting place where people of all nationalities can find information, and where leisure and religious activities can take place.  We also want to create a municipal animal refuge so we can remove all the stray animals from the streets, and they can be cared for and available for adoption.  We would also like to introduce an awareness campaign over the responsibilities of having pets, particularly dangerous breeds of dogs.”


How would you achieve this?

“We need a renewed, united, educated and motivated team in which the experience of the Council joins with the younger people and their enthusiasm to start working for our residents.  Men and women who are willing to listen and keep you informed about Arona’s management at any time.  From now on, we’re committed to another form of politics.”

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Miguel Ángel Méndez has been fully active during the hottest phase of the election campaign  
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