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Qfm Music Review
David Minguillon – Puertos del Mar (2015)
The Flamenco genre has often been seen as the odd one out with its ever so slightly de-tuned notes and chords, shunning the clinically perfect pitch, whilst creating what is arguably the most emotive and human form of music.

24.05.2015 - And when Flamenco is fused with other genres such as Pop, Rock, Electronic or Jazz, the result can be either clunky and unnatural or innovative and inspiring.  

The latter can be said of Canarian guitarist David Minguillon’s latest album, Puerto del Mar, a Flamenco-Jazz album consisting of six original works.

The author has managed to position each song within a very pleasant comfort zone between the two genres and the resulting feel is neither too Andalusian nor too jazzy.

The album features some of this island’s finest musicians such as saxophonist Kike Perdomo and Luismo Valladares on bass, alongside mainland Spanish artists including the legendary award-winning flautist Jorge Pardo.

Those who have had the fortune to witness Minguillon perform live will confirm his natural ability to improvise, crafting each song as a musical story, full of colours and dimensions.  Puerto del Mar also captures this intimate connection between the author and his music.

For those of us who love everything about Spain and its musical culture, this album is a must have, perfect for warm evenings and summer nights (available from Bandcamp).  Tracks are also played daily on Qfm 94.3.



            1.         Intro

            2.         Adrian

            3.         Five Turtles

            4.         Cruzando El Charco

            5.         Aire

            6.         Albayzin

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