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Tenerife - Insurance: agents
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Anne Hobson Insurance

Vista Hermosa 1, Portal 3 Bajo A
C/ Los Cristianos a Guaza
38650 Los Cristianos
Phone:+34 922 793 866
Fax:+34 679 727 315

Agente de seguros exclusivo
Liberty Seguros
Compaa de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A.
Clave No: C0467X22321655

Anne Hobson Insurance Services. If you need any kind of Insurance whilst here in Tenerife then Anne Hobson Insurance Services can help you! After working with a number of Agents since first arriving on the island in May 1999, Anne started this, her own Insurance Agency in 2006, as an exclusive Agent for Liberty Seguros . Since then, Anne has helped numerous 'Ex Pats' with their insurance requirements in a very friendly and professional way. If you haven't experienced this service yet, why not give Anne a call now to arrange a meeting? As well as Motor and Home Insurance and many others from the Liberty Seguros Portfolio, the Agency can also provide Private Medical Insurance with DKV Seguros, the leading European company in Health Insurance.

Professional service with a personal touch


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