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  Old people´s homes - Tenerife
Tenerife - Old people´s homes
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Senioren Residenz Martina

Av. del Generalissimo 34
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Phone:(+34) 922 38 55 44
Fax:(+34) 922 37 46 10

The Residence MARTINA, the oldest and most luxurious independent living and nursing home in Puerto de la Cruz is situated in the centre oft the city. Our house is in the first line by the sea with spectacular views overlooking the coast and Puerto de la Cruz.

Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most important and traditional tourist estates in the Canary Islands. It has been for nearly two centuries the relaxing place by the sea for those who look for a pleasant climate in an exceptionally beautiful natural environment. The promenade and the famous Plaza el Charco nearby have beautiful places of enjoyment and many open air cafes and restaurants. The Residence MARTINA and the surrounding are suitable for handicapped people.


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