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Unipool Schwimmbad

Unipool Espaa S.L.

Autopista del Norte Km 16
38350 Tacoronte
Phone:(0034) 922 57 22 44

Enjoy life on the Canary Islands with swimming pools, saunas and whirpools from Unipool Espaa.

Your specialist for installation and maintenance.

The best moments in life are the ones where you feel comfortable and you can switch off completely and enjoy the moment!

We invite you to join Unipool Espaa for moments like these. Because with your dream pool in the garden, you always have the opportunity to relax and be physically active with family, friends or alone.

As a branch from the Canaries and one of the leading companies for swimming pools and accessories in Europe, we guarantee you quality products at prices everyone can afford. Ask us without obligation and let us surprise you positively. Our decades of experience assures you also a truly professional installation where you have many years of pleasure. We meet almost every individual pool request.

Therefore , the most beautiful moments in life await you! Whenever you feel like it.


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