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  Automobiles: spare parts and accessories - Tenerife
Tenerife - Automobiles: spare parts and accessories
  Business Director * Cars & Bikes * Automobiles: spare parts and accessories * Taller Lutz Raabe

Taller Lutz Raabe

Las Andoriñas s/n
38611 San Isidro–Atogo (Granadilla)
Phone:+34 922 391 907
Fax:+34 922 391 907
Mobile:+34 629 517 404

German qualified auto mechanic, all models, trucks, specialist in V8 engines and American cars.

This Auto repair shop has now been taken over by a German qualified auto mechanic who has been working on Tenerife since 1980. He started work here with the family-based firm Taller Aleman Raabe in San Isidro and since 2003 has been operating his own workshop in Atogo (Granadilla).

Trained to deal with all kinds of engine, the Taller Lutz Raabe will look after your vehicle, be it your own car or the company truck. The owner has also specialised in the care and repair of V8 engines and American models. Parts and accessories for these can also be ordered from the USA:

All mechanical jobs can be dealt with: Computer diagnostics, exhaust fumes, brakes, engines, gear box (including on automatic models). Small body and paint repairs can also be looked after. Pre-MOT revisions also offered.

In the case of accidents, they can deal directly with your insurance company.


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