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Deco Nuevo

Tenerife Furnishings SL

Edificio Marte L11 (next to Ofipapel)
38650 Los Cristianos, Arona
Phone:(+34) 922 789 729
Fax:(+34) 922 789 729

Deco Nuevo has been established in Tenerife for more than 20 years, and offers a comprehensive furnishing service to anyone who has an interest in property here.

The company offers furniture packages for new properties ie, every item you need to completely furnish your property right down to the knives and forks, towels and sheets a service which is well worth considering in a foreign country where you probably dont speak the language, and dont know where to go! However, this doesnt mean that you will be landed with a style you dont like you can pick every item and all the colour schemes, and the professionals are there to help if you need them. After an initial meeting, contact is maintained by phone and e mail, and in due course, all your furniture and fittings will be installed, even in your absence. You can then arrive on the island to find your new property ready to live in!

Every item purchased at Deco Nuevo is delivered, fitted and unpacked, free of charge, and they will take away your old furniture if required. Items still in good condition are donated to local worthy charities.

Deco Nuevo also specialize in the revamping of existing or pre-owned properties, and offer a complete re-upholstery service, and all types of curtains and blinds made to measure at very reasonable prices.

Have a look at our website, or call into the shop, next to Ofipapel in Los Cristianos.


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