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Tenerife - Souvenirs
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Muebles Casa Lercaro

La Orotava, Santa Cruz, Garachico
Phone:+34 922 326 204

Make your home an exotic castle

The furniture shop Casa Lercaro is a pleasure for all those, who do have a sense for something special and extraordinary and would like to give their home a magical touch. Feel like living in a ferry-tale exotic nights and days. Nice settees, romantic beds, exclusive dinettes or even a very small (only 2 metres perfect for small studios) kitchen with an antique touch but modern facilities convert your home in something special. All furniture is elaborated by handicraft, made of natural materials and is imported directly from Thailand, the Philippines or China.

Such you will find a very good pricing policy. Also you may find a big choice of accessories, such as mirrors, high quality crystals coming from famous factories in Italy, Germany and Belgium or elegant and modern drapery. You are looking for an original gift? No problem either! Choose between jewellery, souvenirs or candles.

Muebles Casa Lercaro can be found in La Orotava close to the famous Casa de los Balcones, in Santa Cruz Calle Costa y Grijalba 23 or even with a small store in Garachico Calle Esteban No. 6. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday in Santa Cruz 9.30 to 20 h, La Orotava 10 to 20 h and Garachico 10 to 18.30 h


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