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  Perfumery and Cosmectics - Tenerife
Tenerife - Perfumery and Cosmectics
  Business Director * Shopping * Perfumery and Cosmectics * Xazzperfumeria


Calle Perez Zamora 28, (Nhe Plaza del Charco)
Puerto de la Cruz
Phone:+34 922 372 937

Your exclusive perfumery in Puerto de la Cruz

Selling exclusively in Tenerife Amouage perfume from the Royal Family in Oman

Excellent brandmarks and outstanding quality like Cosmetics: Leading Beauty Farms, Clinica Ivo Pitangy, Bakel, Ingrid Millet, Sensai

Exquisite Perfums: Bond No. 9, Creed, Serge Lutens, Etro etc.

Dental Cosmetics from Switzerland

This perfumery only sells high quality products of the best cosmetic brands all around the world, many of them exclusively in Tenerife

Opening hours: Monday Friday 10h to 13h, 17h to 20h Sa 12 to 15h or make your own appointment


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