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  Upholstery - Tenerife
Tenerife - Upholstery
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Suzane Décor

Interior design

Avenida de Emigrantes
38687 Playa de San Juan, Guia de Isora
Phone:+ 34 922 866 521
Mobile:+ 34 619 281 655

Quality furniture – Ivory furniture (Silver Birchwood)
Packages for new apartments (Including beds and curtains)
Bed linen – Covers - Lamps – Mirrors – Decorative items
‘Hello Kitty’ available

Find Suzane Décor in the Avenida de Emigrantes on the corner of Calle Altamar 2, Local 3

FOR CLEARANCE 30% 40% 50%
Reductions on selected items including
Mirrors, Ceramic Lamps & misc. items.

At Suzane Décor, in the south of Tenerife at Playa de San Juan, Venetian-born Luciana has one of the most exquisite selections in the Canaries of quality furniture, soft furnishings and trimmings on offer.

Personalised made-to-measure and installation service for curtains, blinds etc. which complement the fine furniture and decorative items. Choose from Italian furniture, superb sofas and sofa beds, unique lamps and lampshades, Italian curtain and upholstery fabrics and a massive range of accessories and trimmings.

You can mix and match your choice of design, colour and material for all your accessories such as throws, lamp shades and cushions. They have an individualised home visit interior design service where they assess your needs and advise you on your selection of materials and trimmings from their own stock or by special order. The company also offers a range of original art images from France and Italy or, new on the market, is their own unique one-off images created with an exclusive technology which can be used for wall decorations, panels, lampshades or wherever the client dreams up.

Suzane Décor is offering special discounts on hand-made quality furniture and they have a Sale on a wide range of affordable and desirable accessories, including bed linen and covers.


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