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  Diving - Tenerife
Tenerife - Diving Centre, Scuba Diving, PADI dive courses
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Dive and Sea Tenerife SLU

Dive and Sea Tenerife PADI Dive Centre

San Miguel Marina
38639 Amarilla Golf
Phone:(+34) 922 738 289
Mobile:(+34) 609 666 865

Open from 10:00 till 16:00 Mon - Sat.

Start your Underwater Adventures Today!!! Dive and Sea Tenerife offer PADI courses from age 8 onwards with your first experience either a Try Dive, PADI Bubble Maker or Discover Scuba Diving Experience. Following on in your Diving journey are PADI courses from your Open Water course through to the first PADI Professional stage as a Dive Master. For certified Divers we can offer PADI speciliaty courses such as Wreck Diver, Boat Diver or Digital Under Water photography, as well as great value dive packs. We also offer Snorkelling Trips and Boat Excursions from just 12 Euros per person.

Start Your Underwater Adventures Today. Dive and Sea Tenerife offer PADI Diving Courses from Age 8 onwards. For children we offer a first experience of scuba diving in the PADI bubble maker progressing to the Seal Team Missions. These introduce children to the Joys of scuba diving in a fun and safe manner.

We offer Discover Scuba Diving Experiences from age 10 which when you have successfully completed gains you a 12 month certification so you can dive anywhere in the world. To continue in your diving education you start with the Open Water Diving course all the way through to taking the first step as a PADI Professional as a Divemaster.

If you are already a certified diver and would like to gain more valuable experiences we can offer you the chance to complete PADI speciality courses including Wreck Diver, Drift Diver and Deep Diver. We offer great value Dive Packs from as little as 28 Euros per dive.

For those of you who love the water but don't want to Dive we offer Snorkelling Trips and boat excursions along the southern coastline.


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