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UK TELECOM Canary Islands

Your Telephone-Company in the Canary Islands


Info Tel. Tenerife-North: 922 38 42 55 Fax: 922 38 43 36
Info-Tel. Gran Canaria/Fuerteventura/Lanzarote: 928 145 111 Fax: 928 146 984

Save up to 85% on your phone bill! For example England from 2,9 cts./min.
Low cost ADSL service available now!
No contracts, no standing charges, everything in English!
English enquiry service: 11841

What advantages will I enjoy with UK TELECOM CANARY ISLANDS?

There are a variety of services which might persuade you to opt for a particular telephone provider. We have decided to make available to you without exception all those features currently available to the market.

  • Enormous savings !
  • No binding contract !
  • No minimum usage !
  • No tariff jungle !
  • No registration charge !
  • You keep your telephone number !
  • The best tariffs !
  • Many companies dont enable you to check your calls. We do !
  • Support in 7 languages !

  • You will be billed in euros.
  • Billing by the second.
  • The billing period is from the first day to the last day of the month.
  • Amounts of less than 2.99 will not be debited to your bank account.
  • You can ask to receive your bill by post.
  • Your bill will detail individual calls showing when and with whom you have spoken, where and for how long.
  • You can choose to have your bill in German, Spanish, English, Dutch or Russian.
  • If for a period of months you do not route your calls through us, you will not be billed. So, there are no hidden costs to you. You retain membership of the FAIR EXCHANGE WITH UK TELECOM CANARY ISLANDS family. If the costs of your calls for one month total less than 10 they will not be billed in the following month. However, you will always receive a detailed telephone bill at least every 2 months.

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