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  Paragliding school - Tenerife
Tenerife - Paragliding school
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Escuela parapente Realejos S.L.

Los Realejos
Fax:+ 34 922 363 088
Mobile:+ 34 609 546 192

Paragliding Tenerife, a bird's eye view

Ibrafly is an official professional paragliding school in the north of Tenerife. The director, Ibrahim, boasts 18 years experience in the sector. Ibrafly offers a range of courses, from accompanied flights to professional pilot classes. Novices can hire equipment and get a chance to experience Tenerife from a bird's eye view.

Many visitors to the island don't know how to or quite simply don't want to fly alone. However that doens't mean they have to pass up on this quite fantastic adventure opportunity. Ibrafly can take you on a tandem flight, and let you enjoy the most amazing sights in a very relaxed form of flying.

Choose your dream route from a diverse range of departure points in the north.

For more information call Ibrahim on 609 546 192 or email him or visit his web page


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