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  Doctors: Biological medicine - Tenerife
Tenerife - Doctors: Biological medicine
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Centro Medico Taoro

Dr. Tomas von Behring

C / Las Canastilleras No. 4, bajo, Edif. Poder de Dios
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Phone:(0034) 922 37 36 25

Dr. Tomas von Behring is general practitioner and surgeon.

German specialist Master in biological medicine

Conventional diagnostics
Check-ups with lab, ECG, digital X-ray machine, ultrasound, Doppler vascular ultrasound
regeneration process in the context of holistic medicine
Neural therapy, orthomolecular and herbal medicine
Magnetic Therapy & electro-acupuncture
Outpatient surgery
cooperation with radiologists and cardiologists (heart ultrasound)

Dr. von Behring is an established specialist in decades, with his own practice in Puerto de la Cruz. In a 500-square-foot practice with several treatment rooms and a modern equipped operating room, he offers extensive diagnostic and treatment methods. He has above all the people in view in its entirety. A winning formula that has proven itself.

Physician conversations are possible in English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Also operates the Centro Medico Taoro own health food store, are sold in the natural products to support a holistic recovery.
Plant Extracts
Mineral Products
acid-base regulators
Medicinal Mushrooms


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