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Any business company that you need to find...
   Any business company that you need to find...

  Drainage - Tenerife
Tenerife - Drainage
  Business Director * Property * Drainage * GeRMOL TFE S.L.


C/Grama, Edf. Guillen Local 2
38627 La Camella
Phone:(0034) 922 720 377
Fax:(0034) 922 720 377
Mobile:(0034) 618 381 470

We help you with building protection, sealing the building, the facade protection, the facade impregnation, or the reclamation of professional mold remediation and ongoing.

Problem solving - values get

Regardless of whether traditional or modern country house building: If you notice wet walls, wet or moldy basement walls, talk to us. Gerd Mollnau is our expert for moisture damage to buildings. They enjoy the kind of living on the Canary Islands, relaxes the things to address? And they come in daily to the islands from time to time to the point where you want fast and accurate work? Then you've come to the right place.

The best of both worlds

His heart is arrested in the Canary Islands since 1994 at home, his working methods of its origin. For you this means a fast and accurate processing of your inquiries and orders.

Quality is not just at work run at the top, but also in our products. Therefore, we also use state-certified products for effectiveness, which - as far as possible - are free from harmful substances. Please contact us if you have questions about the themes of buildings, building waterproofing, facade protection, facade impregnation, drying and bold remediation.


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