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  Leakage detection - Tenerife
Tenerife - Leakage detection
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TuboControl Tenerife S.L.

C/Charcay 200 Bajo
38595 Charco del Pino-Granadilla
Phone:(0034) 922 772 000
Fax:(0034) 922 772 000
Mobile:(0034) 630 219 445 +

Pipe burst detection- Detection systems

Pipe bursts and leakages, no matter being in gas pipes, water pipes or heating systems, inside or outside of buildings are caused by many sources. Most of the time it happens due to faulty material, faulty fitting or simply fatigue failure of the material. In any case it is important to detect the pipe burst directly and being fixed fast.. Any further delay of the repairs can lead to further damage and expenses. TUBOCOTROL Detection technology offers its clients (Water companies, Industrial companies and private households) fast and professional support with the detection of pipe bursts. With years of experience and complete fitted vehicles we can offer a true 24/hour service.

We use different techniques, depending on the situation, simple measuring to detect humidity, different acoustic devices and endoscopes. All our technicians are skilled and experienced in the following proceedings, such as infrared, use of inert gas, TV sewer inspection and electric-acoustical detections. No matter how difficult the detection is, our technicians can always choose between various measuring methods and are not restricted to a few methods, which would not lead to a fast detection. Like this wrong diggings will be avoided.


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