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   Beauty and fashion, health updates, pets, gadgets

House Calls with Dr. De La Flor
Dear Dr. De La Flor,
Two years after having my son I still have fat around my stomach.

18.03.2009 - I do as many crunches as I can and religiously use anti-cellulite creams, but I just cant get my flat stomach back.  Is there a safe medication that I can take to get rid of this accumulated fat?

Thank you for your help,

Dear Tanya,
When it comes to the tummy, experts say myths abound. How much do you really know about your stomach?

The top research in the area proves that there is no science proving that any diet produces fat loss in any specific area of the body, including the belly!   Ive seen creams, gels and other products with outrageous prices.  Despite the brand and how gorgeous the picture of the model looks, believe me, if they do have a flat belly it is not precisely because of creams and pill-popping routines.

Spot reduction is hype, not science.  Dont spend money on startling products. The only tangible result will be a sharp decrease in the size of your pocket and/or bank account. To lose fat in the belly and everywhere else, heres what matters most.  Youve got to burn more calories than you eat.  A bank savings account grows when you save more than you spend. Youve got to embrace lifestyle change, not just diet change.

Focus on a sound nutritional program with an integral approach that takes into consideration your age, health status, activity level and likes and dislikes without the use of special powders, captivating massages, magic pills, enchanting creams or other supplements, just carefully selected foods that everyone can find in the grocery store.  Use reasonable portions of low-calorie-dense foods, regular exercise and/or physical activity, be in love with someone, love what you do, and have an emotionally nourishing attitude toward life, is the ideal plan for burning more calories than you eat, losing weight long-term, and living well.  By the way, smiling burns far more calories than frowning because more muscle groups are involved!

Dr. De La Flor, G.P. is li­censed in medicine & gen­eral surgery.  He holds certificates in nutrition, medical exercise and hu­man performance from the University of Berkeley in California, the American Council on Exercise and the U.S. National Strength & Conditioning Association.  He is a strong believer in work/life balance and spends much of his time outside of his surgery on the tennis court or chasing his four kids around the neighborhood.

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