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Dear Dr. De La Flor
I have many flare-ups with dermatitis around my mouth.
Most of the creams I’ve used in the past seem to now worsen the situation. Any advice?

08.11.2013 - Dear Joy,

Perioral (around the mouth) Dermatitis (P.D.) can be a frustrating condition that is often treatment resistant and recurs when medication stops.  P.D. is classified in the Rosacea family of skin diseases, and it is often associated with fair skin, light eyes, and marked actinic damage (sun-related injury).

Treatment encompasses a menu of proper nutritional habits, antibiotics, antifungal medication, topical anti-histamines, immune-system modulators as well as moderation of sun-exposure.

A major mistake I often observe is self-treating with topical corticosteroids for swift relief.  Their chronic use can result in exacerbation once the steroid is stopped, and often leads to recalcitrant, lingering cases.

As a GP and nutritionist, I can observe the noticeable link between P.D. and nutritional habits.  Often patients who develop the rash have gluten sensitivity or mild, undiagnosed gluten intolerance.  When switched to a gluten-free or gluten reduction in their diet, the skin tends to improve.  Similarly, patients with no clinically diagnosed gluten sensitivity but who adopt a carbohydrate-free/low-glycemic-index and high-protein diet have shown dramatic improvement with minimal oral or topical treatments and less recurrence.

Please get more information on natural remedies and a personalized nutritional as well as medication plan from your GP before jumping into prescription medication.  Proper hygienic and lifestyle habits and adequate food selection can help us all staying away from doctors! Best wishes.


Coaching corner by Dr. De La Flor

In 1919, the youthful Albert Einstein was already a distinguished scientist.

One night, while in London, he was invited by Lord Haldane to dinner.  Lord Haldane wanted to introduce him to a group of aristocrats and personalities.  During dinner, an aristocrat was commenting on the difficulties he’d had since his butler recently passed away.  He was quite upset since he had to even iron the crease of his pants ‘til he could find another efficient, trustful butler.  That night he actually spent a couple of hours at it, but the crease on his pants was awful.  Albert replied in a simple manner: “Do you see this crease in my pants, it has taking me five years to achieve it!”



For the next two weeks, let’s spend a few minutes pondering about the relationship and hierarchy of our necessities/concerns and if they are truly so.  Sometimes, just by listening to the advice of a friend, a doctor, a loved one, we can refocus the order of our priorities and as a result, being effective in managing more proficiently our time, our energies and eventually achieve greater levels of mental, emotional and physical healthy.

Too often, you and I spend too much time and energy on what is urgent, but not enough time on what is important.  “It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.” Bruce Lee

I’d like to welcome all the ‘swallows’ and holiday makers from the UK, Scandinavian countries, Italy, France, Belgium…  Every year I get to meet impressive individuals with awe-inspiring life experiences, colossal hearts and precious wit. I love the autumn and winter months in Tenerife because of the sun and warmth you all bring with you.  Thank you.


Dr. De La Flor, licensed G.P. (6089) holds certificates in coaching, nutrition and medical exercise from U.C. Berkeley and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). His medical approach is highly influenced by Positive Psychology; an empowering, encompassing way of approaching patients through the study of their strengths and virtues to enable them to thrive and lead fulfilling lives, accept the past, find happiness in the present, and hope for the future. Call him today at 00-34-697.888.666 or email him to register.

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