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   Reviews, recipes and news from the grapevine

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Spreadable olives
10.04.2008 - All the flavour and no more problems about how to rid yourself politely of the stones.

Spreadable olives in three varieties and six flavours blended with natural concentrates and spices.  More information and recipes in Spanish and English on  Alternatively try garum, olives blended with anchovies, herbs and spices for an excellent tapenade-type spread from Prestigio & Tradicin, 902211220.
Foodie Fun
Exquisite nibbles
30.03.2008 - A fresh novelty from seafood specialists Mar de Couso, a delightful selection of frozen nibbles.

Puff pastry filled with nine seafood choices, including seafood, pineapple and prawn vol au vents, tiny pastry buns filled with mussels and sage, or pastry shells with an alga filling.  Stockists of Mar de Couso products include Frant and El Corte Ingls.
Foodie Fun
Brandy caviar
30.03.2008 - The superb solera brandy produced by Bodegas Snchez Romate Hermanos, Cardenal Mendoza, was transformed for the Madrid Fusin food fair.

Using the latest technology, the brandy was turned into pearls of liquid pleasure which burst on the tongue with a warming glow.  With all the flavour of one of the countriys finest brandies and the texture of caviar, the product proved extremely popular at the show, but is not yet being produced commercially.
Foodie Fun
Poach perfect
23.03.2008 - Create perfectly poached eggs time after time. No need for a special pan, this is another space saver from Lakeland with stackable pods which can also be used for baking or as a jelly mould.
Coat lightly with oil, crack in your egg and float in boiling water.  Flip inside out to demould.  Set of two at just 4.99, website as above.
Foodie Fun
Magic colanders
23.03.2008 - Now you see them, now you dont with the new space saving colanders from Lakeland.

For those with smaller kitchens or so many gadgets theres nowhere to store them.  Collapsible colanders that cause less cupboard clutter, expand to use and collapse to store.  Available in two sizes original round for 9.99 and over the sink rectangle with expanding handles at 17.99. 
Foodie Fun
Black hearted luxury
01.03.2008 - If kitchen, craft and household specialists Lakelands soft liquorice is popular, this new variety dipped in dark chocolate will fly off the shelves.
200grams for just 2.99 from
Foodie Fun
A rose by any other name
01.03.2008 - Turn fresh vegetables into superb garnishes or decorative crudits for dips with this coupdco roses from Betty Bossi.

This Swiss based company is always up with the rest when it comes to offering the best of the new products and this little gadget is really easy to operate.  A whole garden of roses in the blink of an eye for just 11.90 Swiss Francs from
Foodie Fun
Trusty trusser
12.02.2008 - Get in the loop with the food loop

The food loop is a heat-resisting silicone food trussing tool. It wont splinter, break or get lost like toothpicks or get soggy and stick to food like kitchen string.
Easy to tie and untie, completely reusable, the food loop wont scratch your non-stick pans and will stretch from one to four inches or longer if you join two together.  $15 dollars from
Foodie Fun
Classy coffee
12.02.2008 - A chic coffee pot for up to two fresh reviving cups of your favourite brew. You and me is a coffee pot from Italian makers Ariete and is small enough to sit in the tiniest kitchen or even to pack in your bag for a weekend away.
The makers claim its the smallest espresso and cappuccino machine in the world.  Available in black, silver or red from just $138.
Foodie Fun
On a plate
22.12.2007 - Perfect for the Christmas cake, birthday cakes or to tart up the weekly fruit cake.
A beautifully boxed cake or servicing platter from the Le Petite Black Dress crockery range designed by Rosanna.  A great gift for yourself as well as others. 24.95 from
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