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Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Heavy snowfall in Las Caadas has helped to replenish water supplies on the island of Tenerife
Daily News07.03.2005 - Canary Island Water supplies are well assured, until the next year at least, after the current rains and snow on many islands have filled catchment areas to capacity.
Re-elected unanimously, Pedro Luis Surez Martn, president of CEST
Daily News07.03.2005 - Pedro Luis Surez Martn was re-elected unanimously at a recent meeting of the southern business peoples association CEST. more...
Santiago the Apostle church in Los Realejos
Daily NewsLos Realejos - 04.03.2005 - Restoration of the Los Realejos Santiago the Apostle church, catalogued as the first church to be constructed on the Island of Tenerife, is almost complete.
The North Tenerife business community held a conference in the Casino Taoro en Puerto de la Cruz
Daily News04.03.2005 - A representation of the business interests in the north of Tenerife met on Thursday 3rd of March in the Casino de Taora to talk about measures to increase development on the Island. more...
The plans will include all areas of south western coastal life
Daily NewsGua de Isora - 03.03.2005 - The responsibility for drawing up the new plans for the development of the South West coastal area has been given to the architects company of Casariego-Guerra.
Examples of the beautiful artwork on show at the exhibition in Adeje
Daily NewsAdeje - 03.03.2005 - Various artists are exhibiting their work at the Cultural Centre, Adeje until the 18th of March. more...
The projected motorway would pass through the town of El Tanque
Daily News03.03.2005 - The Tenerife Business community continues to call for the construction of the ring road from Icod de Los Vinos to Gua de Isora.
A spectacular cascade produced in Guia de Isora
Daily News03.03.2005 - The month of March was heralded in by heavy rains and gusts of wind which on Wednesday 3rd hit all the municipalities of Tenerife.
The tomato harvest in Gran Canaria has been badly affected by the adverse weather
Daily News02.03.2005 - The cold and wet winter that the Canary Islands have experienced this winter has had a dramatic effect on tomato production on the island of Gran Canaria. more...
Empty houses
Daily News02.03.2005 - A 54 per cent increase in the incidence in empty houses during the decade comprising the years 1991 to 2001, brings the total of empty houses to 17 per cent. more...
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